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575 Volleyball Academy Classes

575 Academy

Welcome to the 575 Academy!  We are extremely excited to share our training plan to help each athlete develop their full potential.  We believe in three areas that need to be consistently developed:

  1. Improving each athlete's understanding of the game of volleyball with a primary focus on 6 v 6. Our Elite Group clinics are built primarily for this purpose.

  2. Improving each athlete’s ability to perform the primary skills of volleyball which include but are not limited to passing, setting, serve/ serve receive, hitting and blocking. Our Skill clinics are built primarily for this purpose.

  3. Improving each athlete’s physical strength and conditioning.  An athlete’s ability to apply power, be explosive, agile and maintain energy levels through being conditioned is important to success on the court.  Our Athlete S&C are built for this. 

Our Academy offers skill specific and competitive training for athletes based on their skill level. We put a big emphasis on ball control, movement, repetitions, and fun of course! Our goal is to build confidence in athletes and help prepare them for a successful school/club season. 

Academy Levels

During club season we only offer one level for clinics. We try to always have 2 coaches available so we can split the group up by skill level.

Clinics are currently being offered at Lokahi Health and Fitness and Lakepoint Sports Complex. 

To view the schedule and register, click on the register for academy button and create an account with Pike13.

To register for a clinic, purchase a pass for the class you want to attend, then use the pass to register for the class. 

We look forward to having you in the gym! Please email any academy questions to

Academy FAQ

Why should you train with our 575 Academy?

We believe our results in the first 3 years as a club speak for themselves.  We have built a program and environment for success and want to share that with all of you.  Our training is a well rounded approach of technique, understanding the game, repetitions, working hard, and most of all having fun. All of our lead coaches are our national team coaches in our club.  They have decades of coaching experience, love the game of volleyball, continue their learning, and bring excitement to each training session.

Why different pricing levels?

We want our athletes to train with us regularly!  The pricing levels offer options for our training at the most cost affordable levels for families.

How long are training sessions? 

Skill sessions are 60 - 75 minutes in length. Elite play sessions are 120 minutes in length.


All players must register for a class through our online system.  If you need to cancel a class it must be done 48 hours in advance of the class to be sure we have adequate time to fill the class with another player or you will be charged for the class.

Positional and combination skill clinics:

Hitting and Passing: Our focus in this clinic is to help any player that wants to improve on their front or back row attack as well as passing. Hitters in today’s game have to be great passers. We will work on the mechanics of players' approaches, timing, positioning, and arm swings to help them improve their power and consistency in the court.  

Passing and Defense: In this clinic we teach our 575 system of platform angles, body positioning, footwork, and reading.  We believe it is a very simple and effective way of teaching and producing consistent results with players when passing and playing defense. 

Serving and Receive: All points in volleyball start with one of these two skills. Players that can serve and serve receive well will always be extremely valuable to any team.  This clinic is designed to help players increase the speed and location of their serve as well as read and anticipate on serve receive better.

All Skills: This clinic is designed to develop the overall skills of each player.  While players eventually specialize into positions as they age it is important to be proficient in the basic skills of volleyball.

Positional Training: Our positional training for our Elite Invite Athletes are very detailed as they have a solid foundation of technique.  Examples here are setters working on running an offense instead of just setting, hitters learning to hit a multitude of sets from different positions and heights, passers being able to pass primarily on the move and control out of system balls, etc.  

Elite Play 1, Elite Play 2, Elite Play 3: These are our 2 hour flagship training sessions that are primarily built to help players understand how to win in the game of volleyball.  The majority of the time is spent competing in controlled competitive play. We focus on the mental development of winning which includes but is not limited to decision making, reading, situational awareness, pattern recognition and adaptation, probabilities, balancing risk/reward and managing pressure. These sessions fill extremely fast so sign up early!