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Gwinnett Beach

Welcome to Gwinnett's Premier Beach Volleyball Program


The best part about playing 2v2 is the fact that there's no competition for playing time. At tournaments, all players play all the time.  Also, it's a much more individual game than 6v6 indoor. It's just you and your partner, finding ways to make each other more successful and strategizing how to beat the other team.

Do you want to become a more complete volleyball player? Would you like to be a better passer? Develop better ball control? Improve your defense? Become a more effective and dynamic attacker? Do you want to return to the gym moving faster, jumping higher and playing with greater agility than you ever did before? If any of these results sound good to you then you should play and train for beach volleyball. Top coaches agree; in fact nearly every reputable collegiate coach in the country agrees – that beach volleyball is one of the best training methods known for improving your indoor performance and its healthy and fun too!

Upcoming Events

575 Beach Gwinnett - Year round Tryouts

Date: Sunday,November 19th 4-6 PM

Cost: $25

Our goal is to have a spot for every player who wants to play on a team. Be sure to review our Beach Club Team structure so you fully understand what you are committing to! 

This is an open tryout, meaning we encourage parents to stay and watch. We will be making offers for players to commit to teams at tryouts. Players officially accept their spot by paying an online deposit.

We look forward to seeing you on the courts! Please email with any questions. 

More information on year round beach can be found on the main beach page!


Bogan Park 

2723 N Bogan Rd, Buford, GA 30519


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Year-Round Beach Gwinnett

Practices Start


Wednesday, November 29th, 



Bogan Park 

2723 N Bogan Rd, Buford, GA 30519

Year Round Beach Club Team Discounts

5% discount for siblings

Year Round Beach Club Team Season Information

Our Beach Club Teams are designed for players looking to compete around the southeast.

  • Fees include practice, coaching and tournament coaching
  • Fees DO NOT include tournament entries or uniforms (tournament entries are typically $40-$50/player locally, price can increase for out of town tournaments)
  • We practice 2-3 days per week from mid November-end of May
  • The season ends with SRVA Beach Regionals or USAV Nationals, and we will offer a championship season to continue training through nationals in June/July for teams who qualify.
  • We coach in 9 tournaments from January - May, 5 local tournaments and 4 travel tournaments (we recommend playing in all the tournaments but it is not mandatory)
  • Preseason practices start in mid November
  • Our uniform package cost varies based on what all you want to purchase

Gwinnett Beach Coaches

Gwinnett Beach is led by our year round coaching staff. Director Bobby Mitchell, and assistants Christian Marquez, Trey Larsen, Sam Bowman, and Phoebe Hammond.

Practice Location:
Bogan Park
2723 N Bogan Rd NE
Buford GA 30519

Interested in playing beach volleyball? Contact

Beach Club Team Staff

Bobby Mitchell Jr. - 575 Beach Director - All Locations
Bobby is a Georgia native who graduated from the University of North Georgia. He grew up with two of the first beach volleyball courts in Georgia in his back yard. Bobby has been playing beach volleyball for 15+ years while traveling and playing pro events on beach and grass. He has coached volleyball for 7 years and has been a Beach Director for 6 years.

Christian Marquez - 575 Beach Director and Team Coach
Christian was born in Virginia, but was raised in Gwinnett county, GA. He is currently attending University of North Georgia for a bachelors in business management. Christian has played indoor volleyball for 7 years and outdoor for 5 years. He has coached volleyball for 4 years on national level teams including indoor and beach. He aspires to grow not only the game of volleyball but more importantly each player individually. 

Trey Larsen - 575 Beach Director and Team Coach
Trey was born and raised in Georgia and graduated from the University of North Georgia with a bachelor in kinesiology and education. Teacher during the day and coach at night, Trey has been coaching volleyball for 5 years at the national level. He loves to use his background In not only education but also kinesiology to help the kids properly understand and develop their game. Trey wants to grow not only the game of volleyball but each individual he coaches to be the best they can be. 

575 Beach Volleyball Director Bobby Mitchell Jr

Bobby Mitchell

Coach Bobby Sr

Bobby Mitchell Sr

575 Beach Volleyball Gwinnett Director Christian Marquez

Christian Marquez

Sam Bowman

575 Beach Volleyball Gwinnett Director Trey Larsen

Trey Larsen

Phoebe Hammond