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By Kortney Kimura, 12/17/22, 2:30PM EST


Link for 575 Volleyball Intra-Club Scrimmage

Find your team on one of the following tabs in the document:
PCVC Saturday
PCVC Sunday
Cherokee HS Sun AM Wave
Cherokee HS Sun PM Wave

Your team will only be on one tab. You will play in a single wave on either Saturday January 7th or Sunday January 8th, not both.  

Peachtree City Volleyball Center
105 Mallory Court, Tyrone, GA 30290

Cherokee High School
930 Marietta Highway
Canton, GA 30114

Note the following:

- Be there 30 minutes before your wave minimum to be sure to get a warm up.  If you are not the first wave you won't be able to use the court but you can get moving.

- Teams can choose to wear what they want but keep it the same color if they do not have their jerseys.  Liberos bring a different color shirt.

- Matches will be two sets that start at 4-4 with no third set. Winner will be determined by who won more points if there is a split in sets.

- There will be spirit wear for sale!

- There will be no concessions for sale.

- Teams will be reffing or playing the entire time.  There is no "off" time.

- Pack a snack and lots of water but eat a full healthy meal before your wave. Please clean up after yourselves!

- Teams playing at Peachtree City you can bring a chair if you like to sit near the court.

- Have fun!

We look forward to watching all of our girls compete and build our 575 Volleyball Club family!

Reach out to your location directors if you have any questions. 

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