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Player Safety - VERY IMPORTANT

By jJeff Black, 03/02/23, 1:00PM EST


This article is very important for ALL parents to read for the safety of their children. While your daughter may not be on a travel team this year it is important to know and for possible future travel teams your daughter may play on.

We had a situation this past weekend in Orlando that put all of our players staying at the hotel at risk of something terrible happening.

The main reason this occurred is because of Snapchat. (a social media app).  Snapchat has a feature called SnapMap, which allows users to see each other's locations in real time.

Players on one of our teams exchanged their Snapchats with several teen boys that were staying at our hotel. Since the boys could see their location, they were able to find out what room the girls were staying in, and came knocking on their door past curfew.

Thankfully one of our directors intervened, and nothing ended up happening, but it could have been a lot worse.

Below is a good article to better educate you on SnapChat, and why we highly recommend not allowing your kids to use the app.

Click here to read a good article with more info

This situation will never happen in our club again, and if it does, everyone who is involved will be removed from the club and never allowed to participate in 575 Volleyball programs again.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article and helping keep your children safe.

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