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Train for Tryouts


Train for Tryouts sessions are designed for players to participate in drills similar to the ones that will be run during club tryouts. They are fast paced, high repetition, and coaches give pointers on how to stand out among the group. If you are planning to tryout at a club, these clinics would be beneficial in providing experience in a "tryout" atmosphere. 

Train for Tryouts Dates 11-14U: October 5, 7
Train for Tryouts Dates 15-18U: October 26, 28. November 2, 4

Lakepoint Train for Tryouts Dates 11-14U: October 7
Lakepoint Train for Tryouts Dates 15U: November 2, 4


All Train for Tryouts are 7-9 PM.

Cost: $40 per session

Practice with Coaches

Get to know our coaches prior to tryouts! Our staff for each age group will lead these training sessions so players will be more comfortable going into tryouts and be ready to accept an offer to play for a 575 team!

11/12U: October 4th: 1-3pm
13U: October 4th: 3:30-5:30pm
14U: October 4th: 6-8pm
15U: November 1st: 1-3pm
16U: November 1st: 3:30-5:30pm
17/18U: November 1st: 6-8pm

12-14U: Lakepoint: October 4th: 4:30-6:30pm
15U: Lakepoint: November 1st: 6-8pm

Cost: $40 per session