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12.3 Wes LP

Wes Auld

Head Coach


Lili Womack

Assistant Coach


Name Number
Sophya Cruz 3
Mckinley Robinson 4
Charlotte Francis 6
Brooklyn Brannan 7
Hayden Yelverton 10
Layla Auld 11
Kendall Jackson 21
Caitlin Hunt 22
Kimberly Silva 23
Bralynn Wisener 27
Payton Jones 28

Tournament Schedule

Date Tournament Location Tournament Software
12/10 ACS Winter Warm Up PCVC, Newnan, Cherokee Sportswrench
1/13-1/14 Little Big South Georgia World Congress Center Sportwrench
2/3-2/4 K2 Madness Clash Knoxville, TN AES
2/17-2/18 Mout Spikemore Lakepoint AES
3/2-3/3 Peachtree Classic Lakepoint AES
3/23-3/24 ACS Lucky Clover PCVC, Newnan, Cherokee Sportwrench
4/13-4/14 ACS Spring Brawl PCVC, Newnan, Cherokee Sportwrench
5/4-5/5 SRVA Regional Georgia World Congress Center Sportwrench

Tournament Details

For details on any of the above tournaments click on the corresponding tournament software and find event for details