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Check out our NEW membership training options!

By Jeff Black, 01/27/24, 11:00AM EST


Class prices start at $25/each

For several years we have been researching and brainstorming how to take 575 Volleyball to the next level....and every year we have improved, but also know that we have a ton of room to get better.

As demand for youth volleyball continues to grow, we must adjust our business strategy to support that growth and be able to offer the best volleyball training for players of all levels and skill sets.

Have you ever been to a skill specific class with multiple levels of players that makes it difficult for the coach to provide the best service for all the players?

Or maybe you have been on a team where you felt like the coach was a good person, but maybe not super knowledgeable about volleyball...

These are normal struggles that every club has.

Our new training model is designed to solve these problems!

Here is how it works:
We recruit players from our mini club program and club teams to participate in our training membership classes. 

We also offer evaluations periodically for new players from outside our club to join!

Players are placed into a training group based on their age and skill level. 

All classes are built around training individual skills. 
Training classes are offered Monday-Thursday.
Classes are 60 minutes long.

Players can choose to train once or twice per week

1 class per week: $100/month ($25/class)
2 classes per week: $185/month 
All registrations are through SportsEngine GoMotion.

Class Levels:
Beginner - players ages 8-14 who are new or newer to volleyball and do not have experience playing club volleyball
Intermediate - players ages 12-14U with some club experience 
Advanced - players ages with 14-18U with 3+ years of club experience

Players may request to switch their class day or time with a 30-day written notice and must be approved by a director before switching classes

Payments are recurring and are taken out on the 1st of every month.

Players may cancel at anytime and we will stop payments for the next month. There are no prorated refunds for cancelling mid-month.

Price/Month for 2024
March: $100
April: $100 (off April 1-4)
May: $100
June: $100
July: $100 (off July 1-4)
August: $100
September: $100
October: $125
November: $75 (off Nov 18-21)
December: $100 (off Dec 23-26) ends Jan 2


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